Making Friends

There's a pattern for people who want to make friends but are unable to. The thing they have in common is they have unusual views on a lot of mainstream things and therefore don't talk about them. The problem with having unusual views is that people think you're trying to be cool. But that's not it. If you say that you don't like rice, it's because you don't like them. And any food conversation would obviously have to involve this disclosure to have some context of what you do like. This is one of the things that makes unusual people introverts. They often fail to relate with what people are saying and therefore find it impossible to share what they themselves are thinking. And the unusual views make it seem like you're trying to look for attention. But you're not. For you, the unusual view is like saying that you have tea 3 times a day. It's just something basic about you. That's also why people with unusual views tend to talk less. Because the less they talk the less likely they are to say something that would make them appear unusual. But this has a major downside. People that have unusual views are already very unlikely to find people like themselves. And when they don't even talk about their unusual views, it is almost impossible to find similar people they might make great friends with. So to make friends or to find people like yourself, you need to do the counterintuitive thing and talk about yourself. I've been unintentionally doing this for a while and I've found people like me who've read hundreds of books, who like stupid puns, who don't plan on having kids, who get extremely obsessed about things. P.S. Ironically, after writing this down, I thought about not sharing it fearing it may seem unusual because most people don't have trouble making friends.